Seasonal Affective Disorder


It’s not you, it’s me

Here we are again; winter time. I hate going outside when the air literally hurts my face. No one should live in an environment where the very air we breath hurts. On the other hand, mosquitoes are probably worse…

Many people feel mood swings during winter months and studies (I’ve read some, I swear) show that lack of sunlight can be the cause. When the sun is not available, how else can you get in the mood to live? It’s hard, I know. Why get out of bed when night has been lingering for more than 12 hours? What can be motivating?

My gallery is for those who know they’re not leaving the house on a cold winter day, but still want to enrich themselves with, at the very least, an illusion of sunshine. In this gallery, you will be prompted to react to certain elements of the space, like watching the sun rise, watching the sun’s rays trace across the ground, and looking for the light in each of the paintings on the wall. Be immersed in the space and drink in the virtual rays. Feel your attitude toward life shift from sour to sweet as you’re guided through this (somewhate) meditative experience.

I created this project using Blender and built the environment in Unity3D. The assets (video, images, audio) were sourced from royalty free online sites.