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I focus most of my time on schoolwork or working for the University, but my intention for the 2018 summer is to work (an internship) to gain some quality industry experience. If you like my work and see potential in what I do, let me know! I'm willing to relocate to any location—literally anywhere on Earth. If you are looking for someone to absorb every bit of knowledge you have to offer, if you need a no-excuses worker, and you want to add a passionate learner to your team, you have found him (me!).

I want to contribute to a team that can provide space to learn and experiment. Although I excel at processes (routine or repetitive tasks—not to be confused with "tedious" tasks), I need to expand my knowledge of the whole game. Can you provide me with a place to listen to the big design conversations? Do you focus on developing your teams' knowledge/skills? Do you focus on good design, not only a product? Are you as passionate about learning as I am?


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