Left:  The previous design left users confused about where to start a design.   Right:  Our team's redesign creates an intuitive path to create a template or blank document.
 Pressing the  Create  button is a clearer indication that the user should start here. Although the only option to create is by using a template, user data shows that more documents are completed when first selecting a template versus starting from blank.
 Searching templates is also important to the user. Ideally, these would be indexed by common taxonomies to help the user identify their desired template.
 Selecting a category opens the enlarged viewing space for the templates. This will help the user identify their needs. The user can still search for templates in the search bar, or select a blank template from the  Recent Templates  above.
 When a template is selected, the page adjusts to show more information about that template. Select the  Open  button to begin using the template.
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