For Free, eh?

I’ve talked with two grad students in the last couple days who both mentioned getting freelance work, but with the caveat that it is for free. The hiring company then says if the work is good, there will be paid work for the freelancer in the future. This is complete bullshit. What other company/business can

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Directions Unclear

I had my 3rd semester review this week and I’m a little disappointed, but only because the direction I plotted seems to not impress my instructors. I need to do something drastic; maybe something notorious? My concern is that if I’m exploring graphic design, where is the line of demarcation and when does it become not graphic design? Example: is a

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While I wait

I used to use this amazing mockup/prototyping tool called Macaw, but Photoshop won out again by the fact that you can bully your way around the project settings (layer styles, object placement, effects, etc…). However, the group at Macaw is in production with another product that is looking super promising. It’s called Macaw Scarlet and claims it

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That’s not a reference or an epiphany or anything like that, I literally renewed my domain name. It’s been about six months. The interesting thing about domain renewal is that if you miss the window, the domain registrars hold your domain ransom for higher prices than if you purchase a new name…that, or you have to wait

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I took a month off

Yeah, so it’s been a month since I posted. That’s like a million years in internet time, but in my defense, I’ve been really busy. I’m taking on a lot of new projects and learning a bunch about 3D modeling through Maya. Texture mapping is an amazing thing and I’m really enjoying it. On the

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CSS Animation for Beginners

CSS3 and HTML5 have made huge leaps ahead of its predecessors, and it’s only getting better. CSS animations have been around for a while and I’ve never really had the opportunity to utilize them. This article from Thoughtbot has me reimagining how I could design vector art and animate them with some simplistic code. This is definitely

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Short but good

“That’s what she said,” amiright? …anyone? anyone? So here’s a goody I found while browsing Smashing Magazine’s newsletter. Typewolf showcases “Web Fonts in the Wild,” “Font Recommendations,” and a “Guides & Resources” area. Be sure to check out their blog, also. It contains some really good resources for typography.

Nobody tells this to beginners

Nicely designed video. Essentially, it says, “work.” You don’t even have to work hard, just work. This kinda goes with my previous post about success; get those bad ideas out of your mind so you can fill your mind (and sketch book) with better ones. In pilot terms, it’s “flight time,” and in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it’s

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